Value creation

Quality and precision

in relation to the aluminium cast plate technology

From aluminium production through to advice: alimex is the leading service provider for cast plate technology, which is the central pillar for technical solutions in many industries. With alimex as a service provider, customers around the world and at all value creation stages get the highest possible economic efficiency based on outstanding quality. They benefit from competence in the individual value creation stages upon delivery of full aluminium cast plates in a wide range of alloys, individual blanks, components, or within the context of technical advice and subcontracting.


The annealing of aluminium is the core of alimex production. In one of the most cutting-edge annealing facilities in the world, aluminium becomes a material with very special capabilities. alimex meets the growing global demand for its high-quality aluminium with its state-of-the-art annealing technology and, at the same time, invests in the further development of this aluminium technology which is indispensable for many high-tech innovations across all industries. And our bespoke plant, commissioned in 2017, sets new standards in more than just production. More efficient equipment also means a new dimension in energy efficiency and thus in the conservation of resources and environmental sustainability.


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At alimex, the sawing of the aluminium plates and components is done on state-of-the-art machines and by true professionals – because every alloy behaves differently. For most of the applications in the aluminium cast plate technology, the aim is to create very specific and highly precise surfaces. These are produced in the sawing process, which requires just as much material and process know-how as the manufacturing process itself. We at alimex know how to handle aluminium and how to achieve the best results. This can also be seen in the blanks and in sawing, where it’s all about choosing the right machine and the perfect cutting speed depending on the alloy and intended use.


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When it comes to high-tech areas of application, milling aluminium is a matter of accuracy down to thousandths of a millimetre and a technology with many parameters. We at alimex feel most at home in this perfection range. Many factors need to be taken into account in order to achieve the perfect result when milling aluminium. It can be the little things which make the difference. In most areas of application for cast aluminium elements in which it comes down to high-precision surfaces – in the optics or mechanical engineering industries, for example – variations cannot be tolerated: because they mean loss in performance and quality or even production downtimes – and thus ultimately an enormous cost risk.


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We take care to ensure that our quality products arrive safely and we foil the aluminium plates, blanks and parts for the greatest possible protection of their high-precision surfaces. The aim of most aluminium cast plate applications is the use of high-precision surfaces which also have special material properties. These high-precision surfaces produced at alimex require special protection for onward transport to their place of use. Because the smallest grain of sand or particle of dirt is all it takes for milled or cut surfaces to lose their flawless properties during transportation.


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At alimex, we set many things in motion to ensure that not only is the perfect part manufactured, but the aluminium also arrives in the same condition when delivered. From small components delivered within Germany through to XXL plates for overseas: there’s almost nothing that the alimex team has not sent on its way, ready for dispatch, in packaging. And this is a matter which is anything but trivial since quality standards are verified right through the supply chain to the final place of use. Care and know-how are required in order to ensure that carefully produced and highly precise aluminium plates, blanks and components don’t suffer any damage during transportation.

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For alimex, shipping aluminium around the world means delivering quality made in Germany to global markets. As an international partner, we know a lot about it. The shipping companies’ vehicles depart the alimex factory daily with valuable freight: the aluminium plates, blanks and components go out into the world. Around a third of the production is used within Germany, the rest is well packaged and sent on its way to other European countries, to the USA or to Asia. alimex customers don’t need to worry about “red tape” in the shipping and delivery of the valuable goods. Shipping experts take care of all of the customs and transportation formalities.

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Quality in all value creation stages

Wir sichern höchste Standards

Providing the highest quality aluminium for our customers is the guiding principle at alimex. We guarantee that this principle is upheld through comprehensive quality assurance at all stages. alimex considers itself to be an innovative company which always puts the customer’s wishes at the centre of its thoughts and actions. In order to comprehensively establish the customer’s individual wishes and to meet or even exceed the requirements, needs and expectations, we bring our know-how into the dialogue cooperatively. This close collaboration allows us to provide customers with the best possible support, advice and service.

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