Material development

Close to the customer with innovations

Innovations begin with questions: where can further efficiency gains be made in the use of aluminium? What materials does the market require? Our answers often become market standards. For almost 50 years, we at alimex have been creating innovations which become market standards – like the aluminium cast plate process itself, with which we revolutionised an entire industry. Innovations in aluminium are in our DNA: that’s why we are constantly researching new alloys and annealing methods, and are regularly setting new standards in the efficiency and competitiveness of aluminium use for our customers with our innovations. Thanks to our innovations, we are able to further increase the number of possible applications, and thus the cost and efficiency benefits. Since the development of the cast plate process, the search for such solutions has been in alimex’s “company DNA”. Our company policy of “Innovation through investment” sums this up.

We rely on close partnerships with our suppliers, on research collaborations with the RWTH Aachen – one of the leading technical universities in the world – and a regular information exchange with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology or the likewise world-famous Forschungszentrum Jülich. The aim is to develop new application possibilities at the forefront of scientific research.

Real-world solutions thanks to market proximity

Above all, however, it is proximity to our customers which give us, in collaboration with our distribution partners, valuable insights into the behaviour and use of cast plates in practice and thus vital experience. Our research and development experts thus primarily dedicate themselves to the specific demands that high-quality equipment in the fields of solar, semiconductors and displays make on our material, for example.

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