Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation

The detailed look

Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation is the last step in the determination and evaluation of the material properties of aluminium. It ensures quality “right to the core”. In order to deliver the highest quality, alimex relies on an optimal process right along the entire value chain: from the choice of the right alloy through the specific annealing process to high-precision sawing and milling in processing. So that the results are precise down to the grain size, structure and µ we take a very close look in our macroscopic and microscopic examination. We thus ensure that the aluminium has the quality to guarantee optimal use. As a result, our expertise in this area is in demand not only for our own products, but also when we are called upon in technical evaluation as well as material testing and development as experts in problems, tests or feasibility analysis.

In order to get the best and most precise aluminium blanks and parts possible, the key is precision in all areas. This begins with the cast plate technology itself, which has been developed and perfected by alimex. Because the procedure for giving aluminium alloys specific properties through special annealing processes makes it possible to achieve cutting and milling results which go far beyond the precision of pure casting.

Macroscopic and microscopic evaluation ensures quality

The accuracy of the sawing or milling process also decides on the ultimate quality of the workpiece or semi-finished product. The highest accuracy and a high degree of perfection are the prerequisites for actually achieving the desired surface structures. Particularly in optical and semiconductor technologies, losses of quality which are detected too late not only mean irritating and cost-intensive interference with the process, but can also result in significant consequential costs. This work therefore entails real craftsmanship and a lot of experience. Even a few particles can have a negative impact when milling a surface. Irregularities in the grain size have an effect on the later mechanical properties. And the precise components in an alloy are critical for actually achieving the desired functionalities.

These are all reasons why alimex takes a very careful look when we subject the material to a macroscopic and microscopic examination. We use this in quality assurance, in research and development work, and in testing jobs.

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