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alimex, the inventor of the cast-plate, produces aluminium cast plates which surpass the highest market standards. We also produce aluminium components using German precision expertise. Together with our customers, we plan and develop innovative solutions for the most important industries of the future.

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Being able to exchange and communicate knowledge within a company is simply an invaluable asset and we can do that excellently here at alimex. A digital corporate culture, which we live, is also an immense advantage in this day and age. Our colleague Jacqueline Kühl (Business Development Manager) was just 5 weeks for us at our alimex production site in the USA/South Carolina directly on site with the colleagues to work out a new concept for an ERP system and to identify transition processes and existing process potential. This included, among other things: – An audit phase with process-detailed support for the individual persons and departments. – The transfer of knowledge and comparison of production processes and parameters. – The identification of potentials. – Various test runs – The development of a future-oriented process structure by means of a new set-up/addition of the new production and production planning-oriented ERP...
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Member of the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) in the field of production and transformation
City of Willich Sustainability Award
German Institute for Sustainability and Economics
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We are aware of our ecological responsibility.

Job offers

Our alimex job offers can be found on the employment agency job portal.  As a globally growing company, we are always looking for talented employees in a variety of industries.

Technologies that change the world and enable sustainable environmental protection – many things would be inconceivable without aluminium as a material. All of us at alimex are mighty proud to be able to provide a decisive building block for this. Aluminium is a true miracle material. And we have breathed new life into it. Because alimex is the inventor of the cast plate process, which gives the central material aluminium completely new capabilities. High technology, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and many other industries worldwide rely on precisely these properties. The products of our 160-strong team (Germany, Netherlands, USA and Malaysia) are in demand globally. This spurs us on every day.


Your number one expert for aluminium cast plates

As a medium-sized family business, alimex is the quality and innovation leader in the process it has developed for the production of aluminium cast plates. If you have any questions about this versatile material, alimex has the right answer for you. alimex is one of the world’s most renowned suppliers of plates, blanks and components made of aluminium. Cast aluminium plates with outstanding material properties, high precision and fast availability are offered by alimex to its customers worldwide. With the original process, the products, such as the aluminium cast plates, are perfectly adapted to your individual customer requirements and can thus have the most varied surface and material properties.     

First of all, the question arises: What makes aluminium so special in the first place? alimex-aluminium can be processed excellently. In addition, it is UV-resistant and does not cause any problems even with large temperature differences, which is why aluminium is often used in the solar industry. Furthermore, aluminium has a smooth surface and is therefore used in medical technology – it can be cleaned easily and uncomplicatedly and is odourless. As you can see, aluminium can be used in a wide variety of industries due to its many advantages and almost unlimited applications and is therefore considered the material of the present and future. Compared to other materials, aluminium offers very high stability despite its low weight, conducts temperature and has the very best recycling properties. Especially the optimal surface properties, elongation limits and machinability distinguish aluminium cast plates from products made of other materials, which is why its components are being used in more and more fields of application.

Through alimex’s unique process, components and aluminium cast plates are manufactured to peak performance in all geometries to ensure the unique “Made in Germany” quality.

Climate protection with the help of alimex aluminium

In view of the ever-advancing climate change, it is particularly important to work in a resource-saving way. This is where one of the greatest advantages of aluminium comes to the fore, because aluminium can be recycled almost 100% – in other words, it is a real super metal. The light metal is an important material in the field of renewable energies and thus contributes a great deal to climate protection. Many industries are switching from stainless steel and metal to aluminium these days to support and advance climate protection. If you also attach great importance to climate protection and sustainability, alimex is the right place for you. Because the cast plates and components manufactured with alimex aluminium are dimensionally stable and cut with high precision, so that the scrap can be reduced and you also save costs accordingly. So you not only work more cost-efficiently, but also contribute to climate protection at the same time.

More than just a manufacturer of cast aluminium plates! We live aluminium

alimex knows all the requirements that are placed on aluminium cast plates and other components. Whether thermal, low-pressure or prototype moulds, tools or other components, alimex offers the right material properties and processing stages for each of these applications. Competing on the international market, the company sets high standards for aluminium cast plates or other components made of aluminium to the highest quality standards and is thus considered a competitive partner. Customers from all industries value alimex as a reliable partner and are always happy to take advantage of the all-round service. The aluminium plates and blanks are available in almost all sizes. In addition, the surface and material properties can be perfectly adapted to your area of application. As a customer, you benefit from the fast and worldwide availability, as well as the fulfilment of all technical and certification standards. In addition to the production of aluminium cast plates, Alimex continues to focus on continuous research and material development in order to be able to supply you as an end customer and the market with the highest standards. alimex sees itself not only as a supplier, but the company’s philosophy is much more based on developing, manufacturing and advising. alimex is therefore a reliable partner along the entire value-added chain and is therefore also happy to work for the experts in the industry. The human, professional and technical resources are also in demand in other areas and services. alimex is not only a role model in dealing with aluminium, but also supports you as a wage consultant. True to the motto “hand in hand”, alimex manages to find economic solutions together with you. As a partner at your side, alimex ensures that your own structures are kept lean and efficient. As a customer, you can rely on the expertise and on-time deliveries of alimex! You just want to find out more or you have a specific problem that needs to be solved? Then alimex is the right partner for you! Whether it is a question of optimisation possibilities, feasibility studies or technical questions, alimex has the necessary know-how to find a well-founded answer to your question thanks to its tried and tested expertise. Let alimex advise you on finding an individual, technically and economically convincing solution! As a metallurgy expert, alimex uses cast plate technology to provide technological impetus and higher global added value! The corporate principle of “innovation through investment” is at the top of the agenda at alimex and will continue to increase the cost and efficiency benefits of aluminium use for customers in the future. The aluminium products, such as the aluminium cast plates, are precisely inspected and tested for quality and perfection along all value-added steps, from machining to alloying. Let us convince you of our expertise!

Alimex stands for sustainability along the entire value chain

As the family tradition of the company is deeply anchored in the DNA of alimex, the company has committed itself to ecologically clean and long-term successful actions. Therefore, the following motto is strived for: Long-term success is more important than short-term profits! alimex bears responsibility and is particularly committed to climate protection. For this reason, systematic sustainability management is also pursued, because aluminium from alimex is recyclable up to almost 100% without any loss of quality. Discover the diversity of alimex and take part in the development of innovative approaches for the market of the future! For a closer look, alimex is also active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and is looking forward to your next visit. If you have any further questions about our services or about one of our products, such as the aluminium cast plates, please do not hesitate to contact alimex.

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