Mechanical engineering

Robust, light and easy to work with

Aluminium in mechanical and plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering are key German industries. High-precision aluminium from alimex creates ever more efficient solutions. In order to get the best sound, a conductor combines the sections of their orchestra into a harmonious body of sound by emphasising and bringing out the right points. What does this have to do with aluminium in mechanical engineering? Aluminium also already has particular properties such as lightness, conductivity and corrosion-resistance. But only selective manipulation of the material brings these together into a unique composition.

Finding the best “mix” of aluminium and perfecting it in a masterly form through treatment and processing into very special products is an art which alimex has devoted itself to for almost five decades. The foundation for this technological precision is the aluminium cast plate process in which alimex brings out a wide variety of material properties in various alloys through special annealing processes – depending on what functionality is required.

The main arguments for the use of aluminium in mechanical and plant engineering as a whole include the robustness of the material, its low weight and the good machinability. The lightness of aluminium also makes machines, plants and robots easier to transport and handle – and above all: quicker to produce. Aluminium can be put back into the value cycle almost entirely through recycling, which promotes the increasingly important aspect of sustainability in all value creation stages. All of this means that its use allows for cheaper and more efficient applications – even with complex shapes.

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