Other industries

A real all-rounder for industry

From the aerospace industry through to mould making

alimex is the quality leader for industry whenever aluminium is used in high-precision environments. And, in the wake of technological developments, they can be found in all industries. This includes the following industries, among others:

Aerospace industry

As in aviation, aluminium is also used in space flight – indeed, you could even say that it is the main component not just in parts and insulation, but also in experimental units, modules and the solar panels. Here, alimex acts as a quality-leading partner for high-precision alloys.

Optics industry

alimex supplies precision parts and plates for a wide variety of applications in the optics industry. In particular, the mirror-smooth precision cast plates guarantee optically flawless quality thanks to a special milling technique. alimex even received the coveted European Aluminium Award for this solution.

Packaging industry

The milled or sawn aluminium cast plates from alimex with their high-precision surfaces are particularly commonly used in this key industry sector.

Mould making

The alimex solutions for mould and prototype production are characterised by an excellent lack of tension and excellent cutting properties as well as high strength characteristics. Aluminium moulds also have significantly better thermal conductivity than steel moulds, which in turn significantly reduces the cycle times for the production of plastic parts and thus directly results in further cost savings.

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