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As a supplier of aluminium cast plates, alimex offers products with outstanding material properties, high precision and prompt availability – in almost all sizes. alimex delivers high-precision plates and blanks for almost all sizes and cutting shapes. The alimex products, manufactured using the special cast plate process, also offer a wide variety of surface and material properties – perfectly tailored to the exact area of application. Worldwide, for almost all industries and as a supplier for distribution partners, vendors, processors or manufacturers, alimex sets standards in the industry with its cast plate technology. Customers also benefit from prompt and global availability, as well as from compliance with all technical standards and standards which require certification. As in the past decades, alimex relies on constant research and material development in order to supply the market with perfect solutions with innovation and the highest standards.

Our high-precision aluminium cast plates are used around the world in a wide range of industries. Detailed product data sheets can be found below.

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Aluminium cast plate blanks from alimex since 1970

alimex founder – Helmut Geller – contributed to taking aluminium processing into new dimensions in 1970 with a simple but technically sophisticated idea.

Aluminium cast plates and aluminium blanks as the starting material for demanding applications. Cast plate technology has long since proven itself worldwide and set new technological standards.          

Aluminium blanks made to measure by alimex – highest precision

Electronics, laser, packaging, medical and laboratory technology. They are all beneficiaries of cast aluminium plates. These cast plates have excellent dimensional stability, little scrap and fast processing times. Cast aluminium plates offer many advantages that make aluminium applications more efficient.

The core of our worldwide success is our innovative strength. We have consistently expanded our product range in the field of aluminium cast plates.

Outstanding material properties, maximum precision and fast availability are the hallmarks of alimex products in the area of aluminium cast plates and aluminium blanks. alimex aluminium blanks in a wide range of surface and material properties, perfectly matched to the respective area of application. Worldwide, for almost all industries and as a supplier to distribution partners, suppliers, further processors or manufacturers, alimex sets standards in the industry with its cast plate technology. In addition, customers benefit from the fast and worldwide availability of the aluminium blanks as well as the fulfilment of all technical and certification standards. As in the past decades, alimex relies on continuous research and material development in order to provide the market with perfect solutions with innovations and the highest standards.

Aluminium blanks from alimex - diverse product selection

The following is a (small) excerpt from our product portfolio:

ACP 5080 is a low-stress aluminium precision cast plate with very balanced mechanical properties. The fine-grained and low-porosity aluminium cast structure is homogenised and thermally stress-relieved by an extensive heat treatment. The dimensional stability is optimally maintained. The special feature of ACP 5080 is the finely milled surface on both sides. Each aluminium panel is finally checked and provided with a protective film on both sides.

The milled aluminium precision plate ACP 7 or ACP 7R, the latter with sawn surface, is particularly suitable for applications with high demands on mechanical properties in combination with excellent machining properties and material stability. As the world’s leading manufacturer of cast aluminium plates and custom cut aluminium, and with our more than 50 years of experience, we have succeeded in achieving outstanding quality with ACP7. This unique ACP cast plate of the 7000 series, has outstanding strength values.

ACP 6000 is an aluminium precision cast plate, precision milled on both sides, which is characterised by low stress and excellent machinability with sufficient strength. Due to the cast aluminium structure and a special heat treatment before milling, the dimensional stability of the aluminium blank is optimally maintained, even with complicated machining. To protect the finely milled surfaces, all aluminium sheet blanks are provided with a protective film on both sides. Moulds made of ACP 6000 are used, for example, to produce packaging for foodstuffs.

With our product Eloxpure ®, we have been able to achieve a further increase in the aesthetic appeal of the anodised image. This product fulfils all parameters regarding the optimisation of the highest requirements for anodising and hard anodising. Through the most intensive research & development, it has been possible to create a unique quality that cannot be compared. Compared to the frequently used aluminium precision plate ACP 5080, ELOXPURE is characterised by a significantly improved anodisability and meets maximum technical and optical demands with consistent results.


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