We mill precisely to the Mu

When it comes to high-tech areas of application, milling aluminium is a matter of accuracy down to thousandths of a millimetre and a technology with many parameters. We at alimex feel at home in this perfection range. Many factors need to be taken into account in order to achieve the perfect result when milling aluminium. It can be the little things which make the difference. In most areas of application for cast aluminium elements in which it comes down to high-precision surfaces – in the optics or mechanical engineering industries, for example – variations cannot be tolerated: because they mean losses of performance and quality or even production downtimes – and thus ultimately an enormous cost risk.

The focus in aluminium milling is on knowledge of the properties and handling requirements of the particular alloy: each alloy reacts differently to milling. The heat generated by the high milling speeds can make the aluminium soft; the milling result would be compromised or ruined by filings sticking to the material. The milling technology at alimex makes use of state-of-the-art machinery. As a result, all CNC processes and systems can be handled, meaning that integration into the customer’s process and documentation chain is absolutely reliably possible. Because only when the starting material, milling machine and well-founded trade knowledge come together perfectly can the high-quality workpiece which meets alimex’s standards and which its customers expect come into being.