Semiconductor and solar industry

Key aluminium solutions

for the semiconductor and solar industry

Aluminium plays a key role at various points in the semiconductor and solar industry. Many specific solutions in this field originate with alimex. Globally, the solar industry is gaining importance with the increasing use of “green” solar energy. But it is not just the solar panel manufacturers who are leaving their mark on this development and benefiting from it: the value chain runs through a wide variety of sectors from industrial groups through to service providers. Especially in the supply field of mechanical engineers and electrical engineering companies, the ground-breaking components for solar panels such as accumulators and inverters, reflector surfaces, production facilities or power plants are developed.

One of the key materials for the solar industry is aluminium. Its use begins in facade construction or in supporting structures and stretches through to high-tech elements. Estimates assume that almost a fifth of German aluminium profile consumption is used for solar panels alone. Its excellent material properties such as stability, good machinability, lightness, corrosion-resistance and its antimagnetic and heat-conducting properties make aluminium the basis for a multitude of applications and innovations in the solar industry. And aluminium is also used for the machines and tools which produce the high-tech solar modules. As in the semiconductor industry or in the production of LCD screens, aluminium meets the extraordinarily high material requirements in the “green” solar industry for the machines which these technologies require. Aluminium as a material is thus a crucial element in key high-tech and future industries.

Many years of research and development went into the aluminium cast materials specially developed by alimex for these requirements. alimex delivers implementations based on ideal alloys with perfected material properties as well as high-precision manufacturing and quality control.

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