Precise testing

Testing of various parameters tells us whether an aluminium product is able to satisfy its optimal functionalities. Here, the properties and dimensions required are put to the test. Where strong forces rule – or hundredths of a millimetre decide: our expertise in metallurgy is in demand whenever it’s all about reliable functioning. From alloying through to processing, quality and perfection are demanded in all stages of the value chain here. The measurements which we carry out tell us whether a material or a component complies exactly with the required specifications. These tests cover a wide range of sectors. When using aluminium components, it comes down to the strictest compliance with the specified design engineering. Here, not just millimetres but often thousandths of a millimetre count. In our testing, we look at whether the dimensions of a component are exactly right.

And since the components have large dimensions in some instances, our testing systems sometimes come to them, so to speak, rather than the other way round – as with our gantry-type coordinate measuring machine from ZEISS with a particularly large measuring volume, for example. Since the machine is freely accessible from all sides, it is also perfect for testing workpieces which need to be transported using conveyor belt systems.

Grain size measurements in structural testing

The grain size is one of the key criteria which affect the mechanical and corrosion properties of aluminium. Here, the type and size of the structure fall under the results of the annealing process with which aluminium cast plates are processed at alimex. In grain size measurement, the material is welded, polished or etched in order to then carry out the measurement.

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