#wearealimex celebrates a landmark birthday soon, its 50th! Our story began in 1970. It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed since our founder, Helmut Geller, who sadly has now passed, began building up the family-owned company alimex. Incidentally, the name alimex is drawn from a combination of the words “aluminium”, “import” and “export”, and today represents the highest quality and precision in aluminium products worldwide. A family-owned company – what exactly is that? Family-owned companies are definition“businesses in which private individuals or members of their families hold at least 50% of the shares and in which those private individuals or members of their families are also members of the business’ management.”* In alimex’s case, the family is our company founder’s widow and her two daughters. All three are alimex shareholders, with Dr. Philip Grothe managing the operational business. This is where it all began … the invention of the cast aluminium plate  The success of alimex is based on this cast aluminium plate process, Helmut Geller’s invention. The aluminium ingot, heat-treated and thereby freed of tension, is cut open like a sandwich and shaped into the required panel shape. The cast aluminium panels produced in this way have...
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