Semiconductor and solar industry

Aluminium plays a key role at various points in the semiconductor and solar industry. Many specific solutions in this field originate with alimex. Globally, the solar industry is gaining importance with the increasing use of “green” solar energy. But it is not just the solar panel manufacturers who are leaving their mark on this development and benefiting from it: the value chain runs through a wide variety of sectors from industrial groups through to service providers.

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Mechanical engineering

Plant and mechanical engineering are key German industries. High-precision aluminium from alimex creates ever more efficient solutions. In order to get the best sound, a conductor combines the sections of their orchestra into a harmonious body of sound by emphasising and bringing out the right points. What does this have to do with aluminium in mechanical engineering? Aluminium also already has particular properties such as lightness, conductivity and corrosion-resistance. But only selective manipulation of the material brings these together into a unique composition.
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Medical technology

Medical technology is one of the key growth markets of the future. Aluminium plays a very important role in medical technology innovations. The aluminium solutions from alimex are used in many places. Scarcely any other industry is predicted such growing importance in the future as the health sector and thus also medical technology. Technological progress makes it possible to further improve medical care for people, make use of optimised therapeutic and invasive procedures and further increase life expectancy.

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Automotive industry

Aluminium in the automotive industry creates significant weight reductions and thus the basis for resource-friendly fuel savings. alimex manufactures such parts for the automotive industry. The progressive tightening of the CO2 thresholds is the strongest driver for lightweight developments, in which the material aluminium plays a key role. Alongside technological progress in powertrains and in the engine, weight reduction serves to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the generation of emissions.

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Other industries

alimex is the quality leader whenever aluminium is used in high-precision environments. And, in the wake of technological developments, they can be found in all industries.

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