Economic, Ecological & Social

As a medium-sized technology company, we focus on family tradition. Ever since the start, we have been committed to ecologically clean and long-term successful activities, working on the basic principle that future success matters more than short-term profit.

With this in mind, we consistently focus on the future. As an aluminium processor in particular, we are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment and so for years have practiced systematic sustainability management. Further information can be found in our sustainability report, which also deals with the criteria of the ASI “Aluminum Stewardship Initiative”. Our aluminium is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality. We also continually invest significant amounts in modernising our value chain, which not only helps us make a substantial contribution to conserving resources but also helps us increase our competitiveness.

The German Institute for Sustainability and Economics extensively audited our ecological, economic and social activities and as a result awarded the whole alimex Group the sustainability certificate, including a seal of approval. For us, this is both great recognition and a further incentive.

Dr. Philip Grothe/CEO alimex Group 


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