We ship quality around the world

For alimex, shipping aluminium products around the world means delivering quality made in Germany to global markets. As an international partner, we know a lot about it. The shipping companies’ vehicles depart the alimex factory daily with valuable freight: the aluminium plates, blanks and components go out into the world. About a third of the production is used within Germany, the rest is well packaged and sent on its way to other European countries, to the USA or to Asia. alimex customers don’t need to worry about “red tape” in the shipping and delivery of valuable goods. Shipping experts take care of all of the customs and transportation formalities.

Prompt and reliable delivery is part of the overall optimised process chain at alimex which customers around the world can rely on. Every day, we live up to our reputation as a particularly reliable partner who delivers on time. Our logistics department takes care to ensure that all country specifics, formalities and documents are precisely observed and the delivery arrives at its destination, well protected and packaged, in the same quality as when it left the factory – and on precisely the right day.

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