A material with a thousand abilities

The annealing of aluminium is the core of alimex production. In one of the most cutting-edge annealing facilities in the world, aluminium becomes a material with very special capabilities. alimex meets the growing global demand for its high-quality aluminium with its state-of-the-art annealing technology and, at the same time, invests in the further development of this aluminium technology which is indispensable for many high-tech innovations across all industries. And our bespoke plant, commissioned in 2017, sets new standards in more than just production. More efficient equipment also means a new dimension in energy efficiency and thus in the conservation of resources and environmental sustainability.

It is no coincidence that one of the most cutting-edge plants of its type can be found in the alimex factory in Willich. Because alimex is considered to be the inventor of the cast plate technology in which the stresses are relieved in the aluminium cast plates through annealing over days or even weeks, thus achieving special material properties like particular corrosion-resistance, various degrees of hardness or surface structures. alimex is a globally sought-after quality leader in aluminium cast plates thanks to the “annealing competence”. Decades of research and development and thousands of practical applications have established know-how at alimex which is considered to be the “gold standard”. Here, the special heat treatment represents unique operational know-how because the process is different depending on the alloy of the base material and the desired subsequent material properties.

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