The processing of aluminium

Highest quality and precision in the processing of aluminium

alimex is your expert in all aspects of aluminium cast plate technology. For over 50 years, our products and services are known for high quality and precision in all areas. We are the leading service provider for cast plate technology, which is a fundamental building block for technical solutions in many areas of application. With us, you get the entire value chain from a single source. From aluminium production to consulting and quality assurance, alimex takes on all activities to guarantee the best quality to the best price. Whether it’s full aluminium cast plates in various alloys, individual blanks, components, subcontracting or technical advice, alimex creates the ideal solution for you – Made in Germany!

Sawing of aluminium – the perfect cut

After the heat treatment, the next step of value creation takes place; the sawing of aluminium plates. At alimex, the sawing process of the aluminium plates, and various other components, is carried out exclusively by the most modern machines, which in turn are operated by true professionals. This ensures that the creation of specific and highly precise surfaces always meets our high quality standards. The sawing process requires years of experience. Especially, material and process knowledge is required in the sawing process, as well as know-how in the entire manufacturing process itself.
At alimex, we know how to handle aluminium to achieve the best results. This can be seen, for example, in the cutting and sawing work, whereby, depending on the specification, alloy and intended use, the precise and appropriate cutting speed, and the choice of the optimum machine are crucial. At alimex, a modern park of high-quality sawing machines and tools have has been built up over the years, in ordert to enable the technicians to draw from the full range when sawing, milling and foiling the aluminium, including the perfect cut in almost any shape geometrical shape of geometry.

We mill to the micrometre

Milling aluminium to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimetre is a kind of art. It is only possible through years of training and accumulated expertise that the experts at alimex succeed in milling aluminium down to the last detail. It is precisely in this complex area of perfection and in this demanding work where we feel at home. When milling aluminium, many different factors have to be taken into account in order to achieve the ideal result for the customer. We at alimex know that it is oftentimes the little things that make the difference. Especially in the sensitive areas where the aluminium cast plates are used, such as in the optical or mechanical engineering industries, deviations in the millimetre range can be decisive. In practice, the deviations that can occur during aluminium milling mean performance and quality losses, right up to production downtimes, and thus an enormous cost risk. To avoid this, make use of the products and services of alimex. We guarantee you outstanding work with attention to detail.
When milling aluminium, the main focus lies on knowledge of the properties and treatment requirements of the particular alloys. This is because not all alloys are the same. Each alloy has its‘ own specific properties and reacts differently to milling. For example, heat generated by excessive milling can soften the aluminium. Thus, the milling result would be impaired or completely ruined by sticking chips. We at alimex process all CNC specifications and systems and thereby reliably enable integration into the process and documentation chain for our customers. Only when the source material, milling machine, and craftsmanship knowledge interact ideally the high-quality workpiece, that meets the high demands of our customers, can be created.

The best protection – the foiling

The next step is the high-quality and safe foiling of the resulting quality products. By foiling the aluminium plates and blanks, we protect the high-precision surfaces during shipping, as with our highly sensitive products, even a small grain of sand or small particles of dirt can be enough to cause the milled or cut surfaces to lose their flawless properties. Therefore, we ensure through the foiling process that the manufacturing quality reaches the customer, so they can look forward to optimal products in the best alimex quality.

alimex offers the highest quality at all stages of the value chain

Alimex attaches great importance to quality! Our main task is to provide aluminium of the highest quality for our customers. We guarantee this through comprehensive quality assurance at all stages of production; from annealing heat treatment, sawing, and further processing steps, to testing and delivery reliability.
In order to ensure the outstanding quality also in the future, we at alimex focus not only on extraordinary competence and employee motivation, but also on the cooperation with qualified and tested suppliers and service providers to meet the growing customer requirements at all times. The successful implementation of our comprehensive understanding of quality is guaranteed by regular inspections, methodical testing of the relevant characteristics of all products in the ACP family, and – if necessary – corrections on the part of our quality management system, which has been awarded DIN EN ISO 9001. Extensive testing and inspection competences such as macroscopic and microscopic examinations, and ultrasound measurements complement this quality assurance at product level.

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