Unmistakeable quality

We live aluminium. As an expert in metallurgy, alimex stands for high-precision alloys on a cast plate basis, heat treatment, processing and finishing, and tests concerning aluminium. Aluminium is the third most common element in the earth’s crust. Its useful properties as a material for almost all sectors of the manufacturing industry, however, are created through the addition of accompanying elements which form alloys and the type of further processing. alimex has been setting the tone in precisely this field, the establishment of proven and entirely new material properties which make aluminium the first choice for material in ever-increasing numbers of areas of application, for almost five decades. Here, metallurgy at alimex is understood in a broad sense, which runs from knowledge of materials, research and technology through to all process and production steps. Numerous metallurgy innovations from alimex offer unique solutions or have set international standards.

The underlying factor here is the cast plate technology revolutionised by alimex, which produces high-precision plates, blanks and components with excellent properties. Development, testing and advice round out the metallurgical expertise.

As a result, alimex products and services are used globally right across all industries – from the medical technology, automotive and solar industries through mechanical engineering to construction, the food and semiconductor industries or the packaging industry.

Metallurgy – know-how for the whole world

alimex fosters collaboration with its customers and metallurgical expertise across the entire group with its subsidiaries and distribution companies in Asia, Benelux and the USA. Our products are shipped, well secured and packaged, from the main factory in Willich around the world. The sought-after cost and efficiency benefits of the cast plate technology thus ensure technological impetus and greater added value – worldwide.

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