Medical technology

A shining contribution

Aluminium in medical technology

Medical technology is one of the (key) growth markets of the future. Aluminium plays an important role in medical technology innovations. The aluminium solutions from alimex are used in many places. Scarcely any other industry is predicted such growing importance in the future as the health sector and thus also medical technology. Technological progress makes it possible to further improve medical care for people, make use of optimised therapeutic and invasive procedures and further increase life expectancy.

Aluminium plays a central role in this innovative field, and alimex is proud to support and augment this area of application with its high-quality products. alimex aluminium can be found in the operating table as well as in drip stands, in containers and in holders, in the form of operating elements or equipment parts. Furthermore – and indirectly, so to speak – alimex aluminium solutions also contribute to innovations in medical technology: they allow for those machinability and material benefits in special machinery manufacturing and mould making which are required for the production of cutting-edge products in this sector. Aluminium is also used in clean rooms or in the production of components.

Much like in other technical fields, aluminium is perfect for medical technology applications thanks to its properties and it is increasingly replacing other materials thanks to new alloys and material developments as responsibly created by alimex. The benefits offered by aluminium – lightness accompanied by stability, good machinability, corrosion-resistance and recyclability – make it the first choice for use in medical technology.

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