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Value creation partner for all industries

alimex considers itself to be a “sparring partner” for the best solutions relating to aluminium. Whatever this material can do – we draw it out. When it comes to aluminium, we are in demand worldwide as specialists whenever this material needs to make full use of its unbeatable benefits in comparison with other materials. From robust components through to high-precision high-tech elements, we, as an aluminium supplier, guarantee a crucial competitive edge for our customers. We have continuously developed our invention, the aluminium cast plate process. We at alimex consider ourselves to be a partner for greater added value. Market actors in a wide range of industries and global market leaders in the electronics, laser, packaging and optics industry, in medicine and laboratory technology, and in the production of screens, semiconductors and solar panels number among our customers.


An unbeatable material

Whatever the industry, companies around the world are subjected to enormous cost and time pressure. Ever-increasing material requirements and ever more complex material properties which designers, users and consumers demand play a key role here. The driving global megatrends also include climate protection, which requires ever lighter construction methods, more durable materials and more recycling options in order to reduce the energy expenditure. Aluminium is the material which serves many of these interests: it is lighter than steel, has good conductivity, is very easy to recycle, infinitely recyclable and, last but not least, has an attractive appearance.

Cast plates

The basis for the best solutions

We are the inventors of the aluminium cast plate process and have been continuously developing this technology since inventing it. Our cast plates in the 5000, 6000 and 7000 variants provide outstanding material properties for aluminium semi-finished products and components of all sizes: excellent dimensional stability, preclusion of warping, less waste, quicker processing times and prevention of additional annealing.

Precision made in Germany

Aluminium supplier worldwide

Founded almost 50 years ago, alimex is today one of the best-known aluminium suppliers in the world. In addition to our headquarters in Willich near Düsseldorf, we are also present in the USA (Columbia/South Carolina), Asia (Malaysia/Johor) and in the Netherlands (Venray) with service centres, branches and production sites, as well as worldwide through our partners.


employe at alimex
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