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alimex, the inventor of the cast-plate, produces aluminium cast plates which surpass the highest market standards. We also produce aluminium components using German precision expertise. Together with our customers, we plan and develop innovative solutions for the most important industries of the future.

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Climate protection without aluminium? Difficult! This light metal is enormously important, not only as a material for renewable energy such as in the solar industry, but also because it contributes to climate protection in industries such as vehicle manufacture through its special material properties. Why is this the case? The lighter construction methods and longer-lasting products made possible by reduce energy consumption – which is good for the climate! Aluminium: Increasingly the material of first choice  The advantages of aluminium over other metals mean that it is increasingly the material of choice in industries that promote climate protection. In areas previously reserved for steel and stainless steel, for example, a wide variety of aluminium alloys are used today. These alloys have to meet high demands – and this is where alimex aluminium comes into play. The high-precision cast plates and components produced by alimex guarantee excellent dimensional stability for sensitive...
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Our alimex job offers can be found on the employment agency job portal.  As a globally growing company, we are always looking for talented employees in a variety of industries.

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Technologies which change the world and make sustainable environmental protection possible – many things would be inconceivable without modern applications of aluminium. At alimex, we are all proud to provide a key component of this. Aluminium is a veritable miracle material. alimex is the inventor of the cast plate process which gives aluminium entirely new capabilities. Advanced technology, mechanical engineering or medical technology around the world are already relying on these advanced properties proudly created by our global team.