March 2022
Being able to exchange and communicate knowledge within a company is simply an invaluable asset and we can do that excellently here at alimex. A digital corporate culture, which we live, is also an immense advantage in this day and age. Our colleague Jacqueline Kühl (Business Development Manager) was just 5 weeks for us at our alimex production site in the USA/South Carolina directly on site with the colleagues to work out a new concept for an ERP system and to identify transition processes and existing process potential. This included, among other things: – An audit phase with process-detailed support for the individual persons and departments. – The transfer of knowledge and comparison of production processes and parameters. – The identification of potentials. – Various test runs – The development of a future-oriented process structure by means of a new set-up/addition of the new production and production planning-oriented ERP system. – Development of a transition concept for the interim period before implementation of the new system In addition to the extensive technical topics and the tight agenda, building collegial and beyond ties with the alimex-US team was of course also a very important issue. For more than 2 years,...
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