June 2019
Without a fundamental change in current leadership practice, Germany will remain far below its potential, according to a study by the Ministry of Labour. In the struggle to retain talent, different methods are required to those of twenty years ago. The way we understand good leadership is subject to rapid cultural change. So what does it mean today – in practical terms – to manage a company in such a way that it develops positively? My first weeks as new CEO When I joined alimex in 2014 as the new CEO, I immediately had to make a very tough personnel decision – whether I wanted to or not. It was necessary to correct past mistakes that had caused economic damage to the company. One of the turnaround measures was to fundamentally change the internal structures. I decided that we should dismiss some experienced managers and employees and recruit replacements. In addition, important new roles such as Research & Development and Product Management had to be introduced. Looking back, these decisions were certainly among the most important of my first months at alimex. Had they gone wrong, I might not no longer be with the company today. Being bold is therefore...
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