February 2019
The cast aluminium plate is hugely important for the industry: Machine, plant and mould construction, as well as the optical industry and many others benefit from the properties of the cast aluminium plate: extremely low stress, excellent dimensional stability and savings resulting from no distortion, less waste, faster processing times and the prevention of additional annealing. In addition, of course, the cast aluminium plate has all the classic advantages of aluminium: its easy to machine, easy to recycle and low weight. A double win for the user! In certain applications, the aluminium cast plate has almost completely displaced the conventional aluminium plate. alimex -pioneer of the aluminium cast plate process The aluminium cast plate process was invented by alimex in Willich. According to Marc-Wilm Lünemann, head of the CNC business unit at alimex, in the 1970s, alimex founder Helmut Geller had the idea of slicing the raw material for both roll-bonded plates and cast plates (the so-called rolled bars) “like a sandwich”. “Since then, the process has been continuously developed by us in Willich, and we have become a sought-after specialist around the world whenever the incomparable advantages of aluminium are required.” What is the difference between roll-bonded and cast...
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