December 2018
2018 was a challenge, economically and politically speaking. The uncertainty brought by looming Brexit or Donald Trump’s economic and customs policies are prominent examples. Nevertheless, German aluminium companies and also alimex approach the new year with optimism – because the material aluminium is enjoying growing (international) demand. Thanks to its versatile material properties, it can be used in the most varied fields, such as electric mobility, lightweight construction, infrastructure projects and climate protection measures. 2018 – a turbulent year for the aluminium sector From an economic-political perspective, 2018 began with a bombshell, namely Donald Trump’s announcement that he would implement one of his manifesto pledges and levy punitive tariffs on imports into the USA. The European aluminium sector was also affected by these, and from June some aluminium products were given a punitive tariff of ten percent. As a result, the US sanctions against the Russian aluminium smelting works Rusal and its Irish subsidiary also affected the European market because through this factory, the aluminium-oxide supply to the European market was secured. Nevertheless, the sector proved to be robust. Firstly because of the relatively stable aluminium prices during the year and secondly due to continual demand for aluminium products from...
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