A la carte components

alimex produces aluminium components as an economical solution with the highest quality standards. Modern machinery allows aluminium ideas of all shapes and sizes to be brought to life. Aluminium components are used in an ever-increasing number of areas of application: in packaging machines and automation systems, in electrical engineering, in automobile and aircraft building or in the field of high vacuum applications in the solar and semiconductor industry. The reasons are clear: aluminium has a low weight with high stability, conducts heat and has excellent recycling properties. Added to this, particularly in the cast plate process, are optimal surface properties, elongation limits and machinability. At the same time, the expanded areas of application and ever more specific designs require the greatest precision. We at alimex have “Precision in Aluminium” in our name and know all of the requirements which apply to aluminium components: as vacuum forming, thermoforming and prototypes, tools or other components of all types. We offer the right material and surface properties and processing steps for each of these applications.

The range stretches from simple to highly complex components – alimex produces excellence in all shapes. As a result, we are a competitive partner in a wide range of quantities: from prototypes through to small and medium production runs. Our state-of-the-art production and control systems, including all further processing, measurement and testing equipment, ensures “made in Germany” quality for our customers under internationally competitive conditions.

All-round service and one-stop partner

Our customers from all industries value us as a reliable one-stop partner: the components and parts are thoroughly tested, quality controls ensure smooth functioning. We offer any processing variant desired, whether anodised, coated or painted – ready to use.

Know-how for greater added value

We are also the right partner when you need advice on the practicability of a new aluminium solution. As experienced experts, we support your projects from research into new application possibilities through development to the appraisal of projects. Data exchange using any design software is possible. The testing protocols and auditing meet the latest standards.