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alimex in the media

Danke für die Zölle, Mr. Trump

WELT am Sonntag

On Sunday, October 14, WELT reported how alimex manages the US punitive tariffs that have been applied to aluminium imports since June 2018. The extra tariffs have created more business opportunities for alimex and that alimex have planned further investments in their US factory.


Willicher Aluteile für Riesenteleskop

Rheinische Post

A write up in the Rheinische Post about the way and the development of alimex – from the small “start-up” with two employees, which was founded by Helmut Geller in 1970, to the internationally established company that sells innovative aluminium solutions to customers within various industries throughout the world.


Willicher Aluminium-Firma trotzt sogar Donald Trump

Westdeutsche Zeitung

Quality is the key: A portrait about alimex and their secret to success, High Quality Standards ensures alimex are successful even in turbulent economic times.


alimex-Qualität aus Willich ist weltweit gefragt

Willicher Nachrichten

Our local newspaper visited alimex and reported on how alimex is adapting to the customs policy of US President Donald Trump. They also reported on alimex’s developments since 1970 into a leading manufacturer of high-precision cast aluminium plate and block solutions.


Foreign Aluminum Producers Shake Off U.S. Tariffs

Wallstreet Journal

The Wallstreet Journal reported on October 26 the impact of Donald Trump’s punitive tariffs on the US aluminium industry. One aspect of the article is the reaction of German companies to the economic policies of the Trump administration. As an example, alimex announced its decision to invest more in its US operations, even though it is more expensive to sell there.

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US-Zölle: Grund zur Freude

Deutsche Welle

In November 2018 Deutsche Welle visited alimex GmbH in Willich. Theiy focused on the question of how our company reacts to the punitive tariffs in force since June 2018 and how we position ourselves for the future in view of the ever-increasing global economic challenges.

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In the 12/2018 issue of the Economic magazine, the magazine reports how Donald Trump’s tariffs revolutionizes the economy and how entrepreneurs on three continents are coming to terms with the change. Our CEO reports on the challenges that Trump’s Politics poses to alimex as a medium-sized company, but also what opportunities it offers and why it is dangerous for US companies.

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A step further for alimex cast plate

Aluminium Times

In the 12/2018 journal of the Aluminium Times, a company portrait was published on alimex. The author of the article visited alimex in October 2018 and describes his impressions. Further details of alimex and their products are presented.

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World Leader for Quality Aluminium Cast Plates Adds Annealing Line

Light Metall Age

alimex was also visited the by specialist magazine Light Age Metal in October 2018. In the December 2018 issue, the magazine presents a company portrait about alimex and further details how alimex works and what makes alimex products so special.

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