alimex as an employer in the aluminium industry: Impressions after six months at #wearealimex

alimex is an employer for people who want to make a difference in the aluminium industry. Working at alimex means scope for personal responsibility and development. alimex stands for world class from Willich! Our aluminium solutions are in demand worldwide and are used in a wide variety of industries. These include the semiconductor, solar and […]

How the aluminium specialist alimex promotes climate protection

Climate protection without aluminium? Difficult! This light metal is enormously important, not only as a material for renewable energy such as in the solar industry, but also because it contributes to climate protection in industries such as vehicle manufacture through its special material properties. Why is this the case? The lighter construction methods and longer-lasting […]

The cast aluminium plate – the key to high-end applications

The cast aluminium plate is hugely important for the industry: Machine, plant and mould construction, as well as the optical industry and many others benefit from the properties of the cast aluminium plate: extremely low stress, excellent dimensional stability and savings resulting from no distortion, less waste, faster processing times and the prevention of additional […]

alimex – revolutionary heat treatment

Heat treatment of aluminium ingots is at the heart of our production and is what makes alimex products unique. In our annealing hall, we give aluminium special properties. Heat treatment – essential for stress-free aluminium In October 2017, we commissioned one of the largest annealing furnaces in Europe at our site in Willich. This optimises […]

What will the year 2019 bring the aluminium sector?

2018 was a challenge, economically and politically speaking. The uncertainty brought by looming Brexit or Donald Trump’s economic and customs policies are prominent examples. Nevertheless, German aluminium companies and also alimex approach the new year with optimism – because the material aluminium is enjoying growing (international) demand. Thanks to its versatile material properties, it can […]

Looking for an employer in the aluminium industry? Welcome to alimex!

Aluminium is our expertise! The cast plate process that we developed gives the light metal completely new capabilities and helps our customers secure competitive advantages across broad industrial applications. alimex aluminium is found in a wide range of industries, from the semiconductor, solar and automotive industries to machines, tools and mould making. It’s even used […]

Trends & News about aluminium

Trends & News about aluminium Our exhibition at the ALUMINUM Show Dusseldorf was a complete success and a lot of fun! With our products for high-tech applications, we shape aluminium trends and constantly develop our material. A trade fair like the ALUMINUM Show offers the opportunity for alimex to personally present all this to many […]

Material of the month

From aircrafts and skyscrapers to smartphones and packaging, aluminium is one of the most versatile materials used today. alimex are proud to be working with this young material supporting industry and universities to maximise the innovative possibilities of aluminium alloys. Aluminium is a young metal, with a relatively late discovery less than 200 years ago. […]