Looking for an employer in the aluminium industry? Welcome to alimex!

Aluminium is our expertise! The cast plate process that we developed gives the light metal completely new capabilities and helps our customers secure competitive advantages across broad industrial applications. alimex aluminium is found in a wide range of industries, from the semiconductor, solar and automotive industries to machines, tools and mould making. It’s even used in the Atacama Desert in Chile – in parabolic mirrors for space observation which are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. World class from Willich!

Jobs in the aluminium industry: alimex as an employer

alimex sets the highest quality standards for processing aluminium. In the same way, we aim to be an employer who meets high standards for our employees. As a medium-sized family business, employees can count on great ambition, flat hierarchies, diverse development opportunities and room for creative thinking that go beyond departmental boundaries. That’s why we encourage our employees to sit in on other departments. We need these inter-departmental perspectives and welcome employee engagement to change processes. alimex is an employer for people who want to make a difference in the aluminium industry. alimex believes in scope for personal responsibility and wants everybody to evolve together with alimex.

alimex represents precision in aluminium. alimex represents a career in aluminium

Want an example? Let’s take a look at Jacqueline Kühl! After graduating with a master’s degree in Management, she completed a month-long internship with us in October and had many questions before she started: “What areas can I work in? How do the internal processes work and can I make suggestions? What will my colleagues be like? Could I imagine starting my career in the aluminium industry with alimex as an employer?”

Her conclusion? alimex is an impressive employer!

“It wasn’t just one thing that convinced me about alimex,” said the graduate.  “It was lots of different things that came together like a mosaic. Firstly, I was blown away by the culture – everyone greeted me warmly and treated me as an equal right from the start! I was also given interesting tasks. For instance, in Purchasing/Quality Assurance I was able to consider how to improve supplier evaluation in the future.”

Alimex was not only able to impress Ms Kühl, she impressed us too. In January 2019, she will start with us in ‘Global Business Management’. Welcome! We look forward to working together.

Is alimex the right aluminium employer for you too?

We are always on the lookout for creative minds who want to help us continue to make waves in the aluminium industry! We look forward to your enquiries, requests, applications and questions regarding anything else you might want to know!


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